Collection: Brush Tips

Introducing Our Versatile Dispensing Brush Tips for Precise Application

When it comes to spreading glues and greases, our dispensing brush tips with nylon bristles are the perfect solution. Designed for accuracy and ease of use, these brush tips offer exceptional performance in various applications.

Equipped with a standard luer lock hub, our brushes ensure safe and hassle-free connection to all syringe barrels, dispensing bottles, and valves. This universal compatibility allows for seamless integration into your existing dispensing setup.

We offer two options for the dispensing brush tips: a soft version and a stiff version, providing flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, you can choose between different sizes, allowing for precise control and application.

The versatility of our dispense brush tips extends beyond glues and greases. They are suitable for various substances, including oils, lubricants, adhesives, solvents, inks, and paints. With their well-thought-out design, these brush tips minimize the risk of bristle pulling, even when used with faster drying materials. This ensures clean and precise application, enhancing the overall efficiency of your processes.

It’s important to note that while our brush tips excel in many applications, they are unsuitable for instant and high-viscosity glue. We advise using them according to the recommended guidelines to achieve optimal results and avoid any potential issues.

Experience the convenience and precision of our dispensing brush tips for your dispensing needs. Whether in industrial settings or DIY projects, these brush tips will provide reliable and accurate application, making your work easier and more efficient.