Collection: PTFE-inlined Tips

The crimped stainless steel dispensing tip shafts have been modified to incorporate a PTFE liner, which ensures that the application of cyanoacrylate and other low-viscosity fluids is free from clogs. This modification also provides users with enhanced control during the dispensing process. These dispensing tip shafts are designed for industrial use and can withstand fluid pressures of up to 100 psi.

The shafts themselves are made of stainless steel and are lined with a Teflon material. The Teflon lining extends approximately 1/8″” from the metal tubing, offering additional protection and functionality. The dispensing tip shafts are compatible with syringe barrels and feature Helix color-coded hubs, which ensure a secure and safe attachment.

The dispensing tip shafts are available in different sizes, including 20GA, 25GA, and 27GA. Each size is associated with a specific color-coded polypropylene hub for easy identification. The color-coded hubs are as follows: 27GA – Red, 25GA – Pink, and 20GA – Grey.