Collection: Tapered Tips

The Tapered Tip is specifically designed for gel cyanoacrylates, UV-cure adhesives, sealants, particle-filled materials, or medium-to-high-viscosity fluid. Its industrial standard helix color-coded hubs ensure a safe and secure attachment to the syringe barrel.
The Tapered Tip is made of polyethylene with UV-light-blocking additives. It is available in opaque and translucent colors, providing options for different preferences.
These plastic conical Smoothflow tapered tips are well-suited for handling high-viscosity fluids. They are effective when a traditional needle may get clogged or when the pressure is too high for a needle to be effective. Thanks to its cone shape, the Tapered Tip generates the lowest back pressure and allows for quick dispensing. However, there may be better choices for automatic machines requiring high accuracy.
Regarding safety and performance, the Tapered Tip is industrial-grade and can withstand fluid pressures of up to 100 psi. It is also certified to be silicone-free and chloride-free, ensuring its compatibility with various industrial applications.