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1000PCS/LOT 11/2 inch Polypropylene Flexible Dispensing Needle

1000PCS/LOT 11/2 inch Polypropylene Flexible Dispensing Needle

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Polypropylene Plastic Shaft Flexible Needle normally used for glue and adhesive that reacts with metals ( if tip position is effected by bending - use the PTFE-line tip) . Polypropylene flexible shaft can reach difficult-to-access areas. Easily drags along edges and around corners and prevents scratching. Because the shaft is made of Polypropylene that is one kind of plastic, the shaft can be cut length easily .

Industrial grade safe for use to 100 psi fluid pressures and are certified silicone-free and Chloride-free.Compatible with EFD, Nordson, Techon, PVA dispensing Systems.

Free of flash, burrs and contaminants to provide consistent flow. Industrial Standard Helix color-coded Luer Lock Hubs ensure safe, positive attachment to syringe barrel.

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