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BY-125A Epoxy resin two-component glue gun AB glue dynamic electric mixing mixing dispensing valve with 24V DC motor mixing

BY-125A Epoxy resin two-component glue gun AB glue dynamic electric mixing mixing dispensing valve with 24V DC motor mixing

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The dispensing valve is made up of four parts of the cylinder, valve body and material cylinder, and the glue assembly. The cylinder and valve body are separated by advanced sealing material to prevent glue from intruding into the cylinder. The cylinder and the cylinder are connected to the valve body of the dispensing valve to ensure concentricity with the cylinder. The pneumatic cylinder is moved by the solenoid valve to drive the center rod up and down, and the up and down movement of the center rod is used to achieve the opening and closing of the glue.


According to the way of opening and closing, the dispensing valve is divided into: plunger type dispensing valve, thimble type dispensing valve, lift type dispensing valve, diaphragm valve, double liquid dispensing valve, Y type valve, manual Dispensing valve, spray dispensing valve, ceramic valve, jet dispensing valve

The difference

different switching modes, the applicable fluid is different, the sucking type dispensing valve adopts the upward movement to close the rubber structure, so that the glue is stopped and the glue is broken back at the same time, and the residual glue on the remaining needle is reduced, so that the dispensing does not occur. Leakage, drawing and other phenomena. The thimble-type dispensing valve and the suction-type dispensing valve are the opposite closing structure, and the glue is fast.


Widely used in electronic products, mobile phone buttons, LED lamps, LCD, electrical switches, household appliances, battery packaging, keyboard and mouse, transformers, golf balls, coils, cameras, motors, medical equipment, watches, headphones, speakers and other applications.

Dynamic dispensing valves are commonly used in the automotive industry, electrical industry, electronics industry, and fastener industry. Used for LED display dispensing, LED energy-saving lamp dispensing, LED power dispensing, relay module dispensing, sensor dispensing, PCB board dispensing, solar panel dispensing, coil inductor dispensing.


Model :BY-125A

Working pressure :4-7KGF/CM

Operating viscosity :1-100000CPS

Motor speed :1300r/min

Glue adjustment:adjustment knob

Valve :back suction

Minimum discharge amount :0.01ml

Weight :1.5KG


BY-125AB Dispensing Valve * 1(Outlet ratio: 1: 1)

1 * Dynamic mixing tube


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